Restaurants I'm Ashamed I Haven't Tried



I have a confession to make: I've never been to Prince's Hot Chicken. I know, it seems like that would have been the first question my editor should have asked when we discussed my writing for Bites. But he didn't, and I made sure not to bring it up either. I'm pretty embarrassed about it.

Prince's is a Nashville landmark. I am a Nashville native who lives on the East Side and who loves to eat, especially chicken. I'm not sure if it's because I'm afraid of the hot chicken, or if it's because I hardly ever find myself on Dickerson Road. No one has ever asked me to join them to make the trek, either. And even though it seems like everyone else in Nashville has eaten at Prince's, I never get the feeling that they eat there regularly. Excuses aside, I'm still pretty mortified about it. So I think one of my New Year's resolutions in 2012 will be to visit all the Nashville restaurants that I'm ashamed I haven't tried yet. Here is my running list:

Prince's Hot Chicken — See above.

High tea at the Hermitage Hotel — I love tea. I love the Hermitage Hotel. I have no excuse for this oversight.

Macke's — I've read and heard good things about this place and never think to try it.

The Catbird Seat — It's obvious that this is an experience anyone who loves food should have. I guess I'm waiting for a special occasion to drop that kind of dough.

Gojo — I have been a little afraid to try Ethiopian food in Nashville as I'm worried it won't measure up to the local spots I used to frequent when I lived in West Philadelphia.

Manna Korean Restaurant — I drive by this place every day and have never been in.

Table 3 — Again, have heard nothing but good things. I wasn't a big fan of the place that was in this location before, so that may (unjustly) have something to do with my avoidance.

The Mad Platter — This place has been around forever, has always been highly regarded, and is less than a mile from where I work. Again, no excuse here. Does anyone know if they are still doing the happy hour thing?

Brown's Diner — I've always been charmed by the old streetcar, and always stare at it when I am sitting at the light at 21st and Blair. I think the smoking situation turned me off for years, and once it went nonsmoking, I always forgot about it as a burger option.

So go ahead, give me a good beating. I deserve it.

Are any of you nearly as guilty of sins as unspeakable as mine? Which places are you ashamed to admit you've never tried?

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