Wine-Loving Saucy Sisters Share 'What Every Girl Should Know Before She Unscrews'



Local wine experts Barbara Nowak and Beverly Pittman, known as The Saucy Sisters, have released their newest book The Saucy Sisters Guide to Wine — What Every Girl Should Know Before She Unscrews just in time for your holiday gift-giving pleasure. The book is a follow-up to their 2004 guide, The Saucy Sisters’ Guide to Wine - What Every Girl Should Know Before She Uncorks and demonstrates that they are in tune with the industry's new trends toward bottle closures.

The authors share their enthusiasm for screw-top wines by pointing out that there is no performance anxiety with unscrewing and no need to pack a corkscrew that ends up being confiscated by the TSA. The Saucies recently celebrated the release of their new book by setting a world record for “most women unscrewing bottles of wine simultaneously" at a gathering of 127 women, which raised funds for the Boys & Girls Club of Williamson County.

But most importantly, the book demonstrates their sense of humor and their utter lack of snobbishness when it comes to advice about how to choose and enjoy wine. I took one of their classes a couple of years ago and found the sisters to be highly entertaining and charming. The Saucy Sisters are proud that the latest book is especially written for "the girl who would rather sip than study, who feels like an outsider in a pack of wine snobs, but who welcomes a good laugh with her wine."

To see the Saucy Sisters in action, check out their cheeky YouTube video below:

The book is available for only $13.95 at their website, and they'll even personalize or autograph it for you or your intended gift recipient. Wrap it up and put it under the tree (with a screw-top bottle of great wine, of course), and you'll make someone very happy.

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