Louisiana Seafood Co. Expands With Take-Home Entrees and Catering



Since last we visited the "little seafood company that could" there have been a lot of changes at the Louisiana Seafood Co. in the Nashville Farmers' Market. Not only has Chris Moran taken over as sole proprietor of the operation, but he has actually pulled up stakes and moved to our fair city. Instead of driving back and forth from Louisiana every Thursday and Sunday, Chris can now concentrate on leveraging his connections with the fishermen, shrimpers and dock workers to ensure that his contracted trucks bring up the best in never-frozen seafood, often with more than one delivery per weekend.

Chris has begun to do a little cooking on- and off-site as well. It began with some simple crab boils for weekend shoppers who wanted to take home a few cooked blue crabs rather than heating up a 10-gallon pot of water just for a few morsels. Now Chris has begun to take the LaSeaCo on the road for on-site cooking and party catering. If you're looking to host a tailgater or a party for 10 people or a hundred, Chris can provide you with jambalaya, gumbo or sauce piquant. He'll even let you help, but like a plumber, he'll have to charge you double.

Now that we're in those wonderful months with "r's" in them, LaSeaCo can even provide a full oyster bar for your shindig complete with shuckers. Though I wouldn't try to schedule anything for January 9, because I can think of one LSU Tiger fan who will probably be busy that evening. In fact, I'd probably just give him Tuesday off too...

Starting this Friday, Dec. 9, Louisiana Seafood Co. will begin to sell fresh prepared dishes ready for you to take home to heat and eat. Just head to their counter at the Farmers' Market to pick up a quart of etoufee, gumbo, bisque or whatever surprise dish Chris has planned, and you're on your way to a great authentic South Louisiana Cajun meal.

To find out what's coming up from the boats this weekend, what's cooking in LaSeaCo's gumbo pots or to inquire about a catering gig, contact them at louisianaseafoodco@gmail.com. I also heard there might be a little lagniappe of a discount for email subscribers for the balance of December, so don't be afraid to ask after you sign up. There's even rumor that some gator meat will be available for this weekend in case you want to lay a little bayou voodoo on the New Orleans Saints before they play the Titans on Sunday.

Holiday hours are Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. It won't be long until crawfish are back in season (March 1), so it's never too early to be drawing up that invitation list for a Spring boil. That's cchamberlain@nashvillescene.com in case you're wondering.

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