AM@FM: We've Tried It All, and So Should You



Have you guys been to AM@FM lately? Chef Arnold Myint has developed what was once a little cold deli case into a sophisticated eatery inside the Nashville Farmers' Market. The dining space has continued to expand from a simple chef's bar to a separate dining area with tables, linens, and real glassware, which already makes it stand out from the rest of the cafeteria-tray-styrofoam-cup stops in the NFM.

But what really makes AM@FM stand out, and maybe even from any other affordable lunch spots in Nashville, is the food. I have been enjoying the hot lunch specials on a regular basis, and was very excited to see a full lunch menu introduced which now offers their usual specials on a daily basis. I am a little embarrassed to admit that I have tried everything on the menu ...

The dine-in menu now offers:

• Wedge salad with homemade green goddess dressing, house bacon, local feta, tomato and onion.
The portion is huge and you will want to lick the dressing off your plate, and this comes from someone who doesn't even like iceberg. ($9)

• Poached shrimp sandwich with smoked slaw, pickled mustard seeds, dill, and Sriracha crema on a toasted baguette.
This is my favorite item on their menu because of its originality and shocking amount of flavor. ($11)

• Egg salad crostini with capers, dill and shallots on toasted baguette.
A delicious take on what could have been a bland traditional sandwich. ($8)

• Soup of the Moment ($6)

When I was there last week, the soup was a Moroccan chili with saffron cous cous. I ordered the wedge salad but almost ended up with too much food. Where else can you get a hearty bowl of Moroccan stew that fills you up on a cold day for $6? And now they usually have an added daily special to the menu with something really tempting. In fact, I'm still trying to reconcile my guilt about the grilled-pimento-cheese-with-bacon sandwich special I had last week.

Table service also includes homemade potato chips and a tiny dessert — usually a great little coconut brownie, which always feels like a prize for cleaning my plate. The deli case still has the outstanding takeaway sandwiches and side salads (rosemary macaroni, FTW).

AM@FM has easily become my favorite lunch stop because of its consistency, quality, local ingredients and quick service. I am amazed this place doesn't yet have a line down the block every day. It will.

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