Today Show Features Catbird Seat, Yellow Porch and Mas Tacos Por Favor



Today on Today, Travel + Leisure features director Nilou Motamed dished out some culinary travel tips, including three picks in our fair city. Can you guess what we're known for, besides our "foodie scene"? Here's a hint: Motamed says she's sure Taylor Swift loves eating at The Catbird Seat. That may be true — Taylor's palate has probably developed since her Spaghetti Factory days. But talk about a missed segue: Catbird chefs Josh Habiger and Erik Anderson met while cooking at the acclaimed Alinea in Chicago, the first restaurant mentioned in the segment.

Anyway, nice to see Nashville get some pins on the national food map, with nods also to Yellow Porch and their site-grown salad ingredients, and Mas Tacos Por Favor's tortilla soup. I've just embedded the 615-centric clip above, but you can watch the whole thing, Parisian macarons and all, at the Today site.

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