Sam's Sports Grill — Take a Trip to the Islands in Hillsboro Village


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Normally, sports bars are a great place to get a draft beer in a warm glass or maybe even a Jack and Ginger while you enjoy multiple football games with your head on a swivel. But Sam's Sports Grill has decided to establish itself as a place to enjoy a little taste of the Caribbean with their latest addition to the drinks menu.

Apparently Al Thomas, one of the owners of the Hillsboro Village stalwart, has taken a liking to a particularly famous island drink and decided to bring it back with him from a recent vacation. The "Pusser's Painkiller" was developed at the Soggy Dollar Bar on the island of Jost Van Vyke in the British Virgin Islands by an entrepreneurial bar owner named Charles Tobias.

Based around the famous Pusser's Rum, the drink is a tasty concoction of rum, pineapple juice, coconut cream and OJ sprinkled with a tad of freshly grated nutmeg. Pusser's has been the official rum of the British Admiralty for over 300 years and was the "tot" of rum that was part of the daily ration for Her Majesty's seamen. Made in 200-plus-year-old wooden stills, Pusser's has the benefit of centuries of ethers and congeners which have built up in the pots to add flavor (or should I say "flavour?") to the fermented sugar cane.

Starting today, Sam's is now serving the official Pusser's Painkiller in commemorative mugs. If you follow @SamsSportsGrill on Twitter and mention #PusserPainkiller between now and Dec. 7, you will receive a special "anytime happy hour" coupon to try one (or two) out for yourself. And if you can say "Pusser's Painkiller" without giggling, you obviously haven't had two of them yet.



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