Thanksgiving Horrors: Turkey Cake, Anyone?



Man, as soon as this recipe popped up in my email, I immediately thought of you guys. This is almost as gag-worthy as the kitty litter cake. It is a cake made from turkey, layered with stuffing, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce, "iced" with more mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and marshmallows. No, really.

Even though I'm sure it tastes fine — OK, maybe it tastes fine — the idea of baking any kind of meat into a cake, drizzling it with gravy and calling it "Thanksgiving" is completely repulsive to me. Plus I'm pretty sure that my brain would do the water-Sprite mix-up, expect a sweet cake and get TURKEY CAKE instead. Cue histrionic retching.

Is this appetizing to anyone? Would anyone consider serving this? If so, I'd love to hear the reactions of your loved ones on Thursday. Here are some hilarious dessert-ish Thanksgiving cake wrecks for your consideration as well. I'm planning on bringing this much more palatable dessert to Thanksgiving dinner this year.

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