Holiday Wish List: What Restaurant Options Would You Like to See in Nashville?



Since Thanksgiving is this week and we already covered what we are thankful for this year, I'd like to start a holiday wish list for what I'd love to see come to Nashville in the near future:

1. Conveyor-belt sushi — I enjoyed this style of dining immensely in Japan because you can eat as much or as little as you like. You can get this in Cool Springs at Bodeli Sushi, but how about one in Davidson County?

2. A rooftop beer garden — preferably with real Belgian beer on tap, preferably downtown. On that note ...

3. A casual place to eat downtown with great food — must be walking distance to the Ryman/Bridgestone Arena. Come to think of it, how about in that long-abandoned Seanachie space? I understand that it's tourist country down there, but I frequently find myself coming up short trying to find or recommend a good bite to eat downtown. Merchants and The Palm are great, but I'm usually not looking for anything that fancy before a concert/sporting event. I usually default to Broadway Brewhouse for something simple like a quesadilla and a pint, but I think we could do better than a quesadilla. In fairness, I haven't tried Puckett's new downtown location, The National Underground, Rippy's or Past Perfect. Any fans of those want to advise?

4. A crêpe stand/food truck — do we really not have one?

5. A place to get real hoagies, including a hot meatball parm and a lobster roll.

6. An Indian restaurant in East Nashville, or really, just delivery from Tamarind to the 37206. (GoWaiter, take note!)

7. A casual fresh seafood place with raw oysters, po boys, hush puppies and lots of Old Bay. 55 South in downtown Franklin comes close to what I'm looking for, but I'd like a place that's a little more casual, a little cheaper, and not a half-hour-plus drive away.

8. It cannot be overstated that we still really need a Publix in East Nashville! Please?

9. A swimming pool club with a bar for 20-somethings without kids. Granted, this isn't a food/restaurant request — just something I've been wishing for and thought I'd throw it out there.


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