New Winner in the Cornbread Brackets



The soft, sweet corn muffin at B&C
  • The soft, sweet corn muffin at B&C
There are seven ingredients in the perfect cornbread recipe and none of them is sugar.

We've had this discussion before — in this part of the South, cornbread is hot, salty and greasy.

I've defended that principle for years, but last week, a cold, sweet, fluffy muffin was just the thing at B&C Market BBQ inside the Nashville Farmers' Market house.

Lunch was B&C beef brisket, cut into both thin and thick slices. Each slice had crusty bark outside and a smoke ring inside. Long past the lunch rush, the beef was still admirably moist, which isn't always the case with brisket, even when it's fresh off the fire.

Rich smoked meat begs for a light, sweet something afterward. Buttercake Babe's wares were beckoning as I absentmindedly pulled a corner from an untouched muffin. It was were soft and sweet, with a very infrequent crunch of a cornmeal grain. My tongue said "dessert!" and mowed down that whole muffin in a couple of bites.

I'm going to call it a moment's weakness. I'm sure I'll be back in the "salty and greasy" camp soon enough.

Brisket at B&C in the Farmers Market
  • Brisket at B&C in the Farmers' Market

The cornbreads crumbs resemble cake crumbs.
  • The cornbread's crumbs resemble cake crumbs.

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