Fleet Street Pub Opens Today in Printers Alley



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Fleet Street Pub, an authentic English pub, opens today in Printers Alley.

Bites previewed Fleet Street as it came to life, then Dana and I got a look inside as owner Glenn Henderson and his team were completing the beautiful interior. Henderson gutted and refitted the interior of the old Parco Cafe at 207 Printers Alley to create an inviting yet expansive space.

Henderson wanted to capture the friendly atmosphere of a British neighborhood pub in a place where people could feel comfortable dropping in for a quiet beer or darts with friends, or bringing the laptop or book and staying a while.

He's worked up a menu of homemade British and American pub favorites including fish & chips, shepherd's pie, chicken pie, veggieburger, hot wings, salads, cheesesteak and homemade potato chips with garlic aioli dip.

The transformation of the space is extraordinary, so big Bites luck to Henderson and his crew. As always, if you go before Bites, report back.

Follow Fleet Street on Facebook and twitter @fleetstreetpub or call 200-0782.

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