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Puckett's Grocery in Leiper's Fork got a big warm fuzzy from roadtrippers at On the Road, naming it a top off-the-beaten-path destination. (Puckett's also has locations in Franklin and downtown Nashville, perhaps a little more on the beaten path.

The Leiper's Fork Puckett's usefulness as a gas station and grocery store, along with its good food, great music and beer, boosted it to the top of the list. One intrepid Carolina couple loved the cherry-smoked barbecue so much they intend to drive the nine hours to experience it again.

On the Road, a blog of travel sponsored by Rand McNally and USA Today, offers quirky posts by "McNavigators" from quirky spots, plus useful lists, like great antiquing towns, food festivals and more. Puckett's got the No. 1 spot on the list "10 Road Stops You Haven't Heard of." Though you've heard of Puckett's, you may not know the other nine (except maybe Mimi's in Jackson, Miss.). You can read about them here.

It's nice when local favorites are "discovered" by the traveling public. So long as we can still get a parking spot.

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