Halloween Party Dishes: There's Gotta Be More Than Kitty Litter Cake



So is anyone cooking any thematic Halloween dishes this weekend? My friend is having her annual shindig and I think I have talked her into making chili dogs. I'm not sure why that came to mind, but she wanted something that wouldn't require utensils, bowls, or make lots of trash. I can't believe I actually heard myself say, "Just boil a big bag of hot dogs from Costco and put them on a plate!" It will at least be memorable, right?

She asked me to bring a dish, so I have been browsing a few sites looking for inspiration. I ran across this horrific recipe for kitty litter cake, complete with a pooper-scooper, and have been too repulsed to look much further.

Here are some round-ups with classier options. Those at The Kitchn appear to be aimed more at kids' parties (e.g., the Halloween milk shooters), but Serious Eats has some drink and pumpkin recipes (along with a monster candy bark that looks enticing).

We are also considering some sort of spooky cocktail (but will probably end up just making sangria). Any ideas for more mature, delicious Halloween party recipes? (Thanks, but we'll pass on the puff-pastry guts.)

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