Turnip Truck Turns 10, and You're Invited to the Birthday Party



It's hard to believe that the Turnip Truck Natural Market has been open at 970 Woodland St. for over ten years now. The Five Points area of East Nashville was a very different place a decade ago when owner John Dyke made the commitment to establish an all-natural foods store to provide fresh produce and organic products to a neighborhood that was just starting to become the progressive area that we see today.

Not that there was necessarily anything wrong with East Nashville ten years ago, but I think we can agree that it was a risky move to establish a retail store that dealt in $6 gallons of organic milk and local pollen honey products before the demographics suggested that there was the available purchasing power to support it.

But The Turnip Truck persevered, and the neighborhood did rise up to support it. Since the day that they opened, the store has maintained an inventory of 100 percent natural products (at least 95 percent of the produce is organically grown). Almost 50 vendors provide seasonal products to the store, and The Turnip Truck even offers a special order service if your favorite product isn't readily available on their shelves.

With the expansion to The Gulch a year ago, the Turnip Truck empire is going strong as it enters its second decade.

To celebrate their success, they are holding a community party at their East Nashville location this Saturday, Oct. 29, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The celebration is free and open to the public and will feature samples from some of the local vendors whose products are available at both Turnip Truck locations.

Customers will be entertained by live music, and there will also be activities to keep the children occupied while the adults sample and purchase those local products. Customers also will have the opportunity to enter to win store gift certificates and other prizes, so take the opportunity to drop by and congratulate The Turnip Truck folks on their birthday.

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