Mobile Food Followers, How Do You Track Your Trucks?



It's pretty much established that the food truck boom has hit Nashville with a vengeance. In a growth curve that approximates what other similar-sized communities have experienced in their first year of mobile eating, we have grown from only a few trucks to over 30 at last count. With this increase in dining options and Twitter feeds comes the added complexity of trying to keep track of them al.

Some trucks fly under the radar for months and surprise those of us who are supposed to be in the know. Others announce their impending entry into the food scene with a splash and then are never heard from again. Little Filipino ring a bell to anyone? Even the old stalwarts are hard to keep track of because outside of a few regular events like Food Truck Tuesday and Live on the Green, they could be anywhere on any given day.

It's reached the point where I can no longer follow the multiple Twitter feeds that are necessary to track down a place to chase for lunch, much less the Twitter feeds of all my friends who are talking about the trucks. I used to depend on the excellent Nashville Food Trucks blog to keep me abreast of the daily goings-on, but that site seems to never be updated in time for my lunch hour at 11:30. I know that the operators of this site have other things to do with their lives, and I'm sure there's no money involved, so I cannot be too critical of their efforts. I'm sure they are still very useful to afternoon Yazoo denizens and late night Five Pointers looking for a nosh.

The newest player in this "Where's Waldo" game is Roaming Hunger. This site is a local outpost of a national website that tracks food trucks in at least 20 cities. They display the Twitter feeds of local trucks as well as incorporating some sort of geo-location information. There are still some bugs in the machine as I got all excited to read that Taste of Belgium was adding a bricks and mortar bistro, until I realized that they were tracking the Twitter feed of a ToB truck in Cincinnati. I'm not willing to make that long of a drive to try their chicken and waffles. ...

The interactive map is also a little bit screwy, since it features a daily listing of where the "I Dream of Weenie" truck is. Y'all let me know if that one ever moves anywhere, considering that they have built a deck around it and turned it into a small building.

So nothing is a perfect solution yet. I know that Nashvillians have set up Twitter lists and Facebook pages dedicated to nothing but food truck info, and others have called for us to aggregate all that info here at Bites.

What do you think? What's the best way to find out what's new in the mobile meat market and who's coming and going? As the weather gets worse, will you be as enthusiastic about hunting the trucks down and then standing out in the cold and rain for your favorite kitschy treat? Will the impending Wrappers Delight truck surprise me by being more than just another punny-named venture with uninspired food?

These are interesting times, my friends.

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