An Informal List of Dog-Friendly Nashville Restaurants



Back in 2009, when the Tennessee legislature started allowing dogs on restaurant patios, we had a rousing discussion on Bites about whether this was a good or a bad move. Many were against the idea, claiming that dogs might not be well-behaved or might disrupt their dining.

So what experiences have you had since the change in rules a year and a half ago? Have you noticed more dogs or fewer on restaurant patios? Are there places that you frequent or avoid based on whether they allow dogs?

Personally, I love bringing my dog out, especially to places that are sweet enough to offer him a water bowl. They definitely get more of my business because of their policy.

For those who feel the same — or want to know where not to go — here's an informal list of dog-friendly restaurants off the top of my head:

The Dog of Nashville
Fido & Bongo Java
Village Pub & Beer Garden
Batter'd & Fried
12 South Taproom
Mitchell Deli
Frothy Monkey
Beyond the Edge
Ugly Mugs
Eastland Cafe (do y'all know about Lappy Hour?!?)

What places am I missing?

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