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Occupy Wall Street continues to grow, adding the support of Ben & Jerry's board of directors, which released a statement clarifying its agreement with five of the core principles of the occupy movement.

This calls for a flavor, naturally, and the readers of The Guardian newspaper had suggestions: Rocky Road to Ruin, Sour Grapes, Humble Pie, Zuccotti Zabaglione. Now you, clever people, turn your merry intellects on this culinary question.

Bites is amped for a visit to Gogo Sushi — welcome in Midtown as a replacement for the relocated Virago. Chuy's Mexican also opened in Midtown; Bites visited and so did many of you. Looks like it's going to be a fresher, better prepared alternative to many Mexican places that "five splat" platters.

Days growing shorter signals the end of another excellent year for the satellite farmers' markets (12South, West Nashville, East Nashville). This is the third-to-last week, and now is the time to get a last taste of summer and fall. I scored big this week at the main market, scooping up overripe apples and tomatoes for about 50 cents a pound to transform into tomato sauce and apple butter.

This weekend is the Southern Festival of Books, and no matter your interest, there's a session that will intrigue, pique or entertain you. Since we're all foodists here, I'll share that I'm hosting a cookbook panel titled "Meet Me in the Kitchen" on Sunday at noon (room 30). All three of the panelists' books are among the best cookbooks I've seen this year or last, avoiding the simplistic and concentrating on the deep, thoughtful recipe, deeply rooted in its milieu.

Rummaging through the Bites rattlebag, we find Patterson House's elixirs got more top pixels. A few Bites readers were signed up to try those top tipples and intriguing tastings at The Catbird Seat this week — bring the news to those of us breathlessly awaiting the verdict.

What was the week that was where you are? And what's on your menu next week?

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