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A new Travel + Leisure readers' poll of the best cities in America for foodies — which ranked Nashville at No. 16 and Washington, D.C., at No. 18 — seems to have irked the Washington Post's Going Out Guide blog.

Under its Feeds and Reeds tag, the Post blog reported the Travel + Leisure poll with this headline: "The restaurants in Nashville are so much better."

Read literally, that would indicate praise for Nashville's evolving restaurant scene. But I suspect sarcasm was intended.

And I get that. I used to live in Washington, and on the basis of ethnic diversity alone, the restaurant scene in D.C. and its suburbs probably surpasses Nashville's. But come on, WaPost, get creative in your barbs. At the very least, throw in a hint of eye-rolling — or italics at least, the universal typography of sarcasm: "Nashville restaurants are so much better than ours."

Meanwhile, here's what Travel + Leisure said about Nashville's restaurant scene (note the misspelling of Burger Up):

Farmers’-market-rich Music City embraces locavore dining — even when it comes to down-home eats. East Nashville is the up-and-coming foodie neighborhood (who can resist a place called Mas Tacos Por Favor?), but you might see more celebs in the 12South area. Burgers Up uses super-local beef and has been known to serve folks such as Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, and Sheryl Crow. Voters also liked Nashville for its star-studded live music, as well as for being clean and safe.

A slideshow of the Travel + Leisure foodie ranking, which seems to offer plenty of food for argument — Providence, R.I., is ranked No. 3, ahead of New York City at No. 4 — can be found here.

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