The Catbird Seat Sets Opening Date of Oct. 12, Starts Taking Reservations



The Catbird Seat, the fascinating upcoming restaurant above The Patterson House that will serve a seven-course chef's menu to 30 diners seated around a mini-kitchen manned by two nationally known chefs, has announced its opening night: Wednesday, Oct. 12.

In addition, the restaurateurs behind the project, Benjamin and Max Goldberg of Strategic Hospitality, have begun taking reservations for The Catbird Seat via an online reservation system, which can schedule up to 90 days in advance. That's found on the Catbird Seat website, which also includes an FAQs section that reveals the price of the seven-course meal: $100 exclusive of tax and tip. For another $30, you get beverages paired with the meal.

Meanwhile, the Goldbergs (who own Patterson House, Paradise Park Trailer Resort, Merchant's, events space Aerial and Diana's Sweet Shoppe) have been issuing unusually detailed updates via a Catbird Seat blog. (That's where I heard about the fact that Catbird chefs Josh Habiger and Erik Anderson have been issued custom chef's jackets designed by rhinestone master Manuel, which I wrote about jealously last week.) If you're intrigued by The Catbird Seat, the blog's worth checking out.

Today's full release:


Online Reservation System Now Available; Opening Night Slated for October 12

NASHVILLE, TENN. (August 31, 2011) —Two months ago local restaurateurs Benjamin and Max Goldberg of Strategic Hospitality shared plans to open The Catbird Seat, a forward-thinking, 30-seat seat restaurant above The Patterson House that will feature a seven-course tasting menu and uncommon opportunity to chat with Chefs Josh Habiger and Erik Anderson. Today they are pleased to announce the restaurant will open to the public on October 12.

The Catbird Seat will feature a constantly evolving menu that Habiger and Anderson will develop and execute four evenings a week. Along with announcing the opening, The Catbird Seat online reservation system is now live. The system is unique to The Catbird Seat and allows for reservations to be made up to 90 days out at a time.

“The development of the restaurant is coming along really well and people have been so supportive that we wanted to go ahead and allow people to make plans to dine with us, “ said Max Goldberg. “The online reservation system took some extra work but we think the ease and functionality of it is well worth it. We want every experience with The Catbird Seat to be ideal for the customer, and that starts when you make a reservation.”

Social media has allowed The Catbird Seat to share the milestones of development, from the first swing of demolition to the custom couture chef coats designed by Manuel. To learn more about The Catbird Seat, find it on Facebook or on Twitter @SHprojects, or visit the website at To make a reservation, visit the website and chose the “reservation” tab to start the process.

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