Try Making a Splash With Blue Moon Recipe Contest



I don't know about you, but summertime means Blue Moon time for me.* When it's hotter'n the surface of the sun out there, I do enjoy a frothy pint of that tasty Belgian wheat ale with a slice of orange. Other than the occasional lime wedge in a Tecate, it's the only situation where I can abide by fruit in my beer.

It turns out that the subtle citrus and oats flavors of Blue Moon also lend well to cooking with the stuff. There are pages and pages of recipes on the intertubes of dishes made with Blue Moon's Belgian White, Spring Blonde Wheat, Summer Honey, Fall Harvest Pumpkin Ale and Winter Abbey Ale. These dishes range from spicy dips to sweet desserts.

So Blue Moon and the folks at have gotten together to sponsor a recipe contest. The Great Beer Recipe Challenge encourages you to create a special dish featuring Blue Moon products and submit it to the judgment of the people. And by judgment, we mean the popularity contest of getting as many of your friends as possible to vote for it on the contest website.

However, to ensure that the winner is more than just the person who works their social network the hardest, the top three vote-getters will have their recipes made and tested by a panel of experts from the Chow editorial team to determine the grand prize winner of $2,000. The judges will also select three runners-up from all the recipes submitted to receive a cool grand apiece. If you're a fan of small print, you can read the complete contest rules here.

The contest ends Aug. 25, so you still have a few weeks to come up with your concoction and then badger all your friends into voting for you. If you win that money, though, you'd better throw a raging kegger for your buddies who signed up to vote.

*Apparently, I'm not the only one who feels this way.

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