French Quarter Cafe to Close, Farewell Show Tonight Feat. Nashville Jazz Orchestra



Well, you might not know it if you checked their website — which still reads "Under Construction" — or their MySpace page or Twitter feed (neither of which appears to have been updated recently), but it looks like East Nashville's French Quarter Cafe is closing its doors. Always sad to see a live music venue go. Even if, as in this case, it's a venue I've personally spent very little time in over the years.

According to Nashville Jazz Orchestra board member Meagan Nordmann — who also works at Nashville Arts Magazine — tonight the French Quarter will host a "Farewell to FQ" show featuring the NJO with featured performers Jeff Coffin and Annie Sellick. The inimitable Jack Silverman — a guy who recently indicated to me that he's kinda my boss, but not exactly — penned a Critic's Pick about tonight's show. Two, three, four ...

For a couple of years now, the NJO has been playing nearly every Tuesday night at the French Quarter, and the steady gigs have given Jim Williamson’s big band the opportunity to attain a level of tightness and telepathy that only comes with hours and hours on the bandstand together. Factor in some of Nashville’s finest musicians, and you’ve got a well-oiled improvisational juggernaut plowing full-speed ahead. On a sad note, this is NJO’s last French Quarter performance, because the East Nashville club is closing its doors. But Williamson assures the Scene that the NJO will soldier on undaunted, and even hints at some plans that might provide a more full-time home for the ensemble. Jazz songstress Annie Sellick will join the band as they perform original compositions as well as their own arrangements of classic Gershwin. —JACK SILVERMAN

Show starts at 7 p.m., and it'll cost you $7. Farewell, French Quarter Cafe. We hardly knew ye.

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