Sylvan Park Entrepreneur's Salsa Sets City Alight



The label from Ousley Ouch hot
  • The label from Ousley Ouch "hot"
There's a new specialty food purveyor in Nashville, intent on setting the town on fire.

Ousley Ouch, straight outta Sylvan Park, is the labor of love of Ric Ousley, his wife Haseena and his sister Mona. Ric and Mona began brewing up a salsa to the family's taste two decades ago. It was spicier than most supermarket salsas, for sure, but that's what drove him — he wanted a full-flavored salsa with a little more heat.

Like so many families, Ric's brood recommended that he bottle his creation. Unlike other kitchen putterers, though, he actually did it.

Ousley Ouch is that salsa your parents may find a little too hot, but is just about perfect if you like it kickin'. That's the mild, and there's a hot, too, for the fire-eaters among us. It has a thick, chunky texture like homemade — no drips! — and calls out for a good, sturdy chip.

To try Ousley Ouch, make a Saturday visit to the West Nashville Farmers Market, where Ousley reports he sold 60 jars last week, or a Tuesday visit to the Centennial Park market, from 3 to 6 p.m.

Produce Place on Murphy Road was Ousley's original retail outlet, and it's now also available at the Belmont Bi-Rite and Apple Market on West End Avenue. Ousley has been chosen as a vendor for Whole Foods series of sidewalk fairs the next one is Aug. 3, and the salsa will soon be on the shelves at Whole Foods.

And of course, as a premier tomato product, naturally they'll be at the Tomato Arts Fest Aug. 13.

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