Moovers and Shakers Almost Ready to Roll



Having elbowed past crazes-of-the-moment such as frozen yogurt and cupcakes, mobile food vendors are all the rage in Music City right now. Ask anyone who's grabbed a late-night taco fix at Mas Tacos Por Favor, or ogled the Grilled Cheeserie as its sleek black RV rolled by Centennial Park. Almost ready to join them in the food-truck derby is Moovers and Shakers, a mobile milkshake and soda shop owned by Belmont duo Ale Delgado and Hayden Coleman.

The young entrepreneurs have worked mightily to get their business off the ground, and even launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds. Still, while Moovers and Shakers has already started serving frozen delights to eager patrons on an infrequent basis, the mobile soda shop remains dry-docked for the moment.

“We go around to different events and work, [but] mobile in the truck sense? Not quite, but we're really close,” says Delgado. “It should be only another week or so until we're up and running. When we are fully mobile, we'll tweet our location every day.”

With the Elliston Place Soda Shop on the verge of becoming a memory, Moovers and Shakers might help mitigate the blow of losing a Nashville institution while fostering a new appreciation for the time-honored milkshake. The menu includes automobile-named goodies such as the “Thunderbird" (vanilla) and the “Corvette” (root beer float), as well as a peanut butter shake named for Nashville club favorite Evan P. Donahue. The truck also offers weekly specials.

Although Moovers and Shakers is still working on going (fully) mobile, getting the business from concept to semi-practice has been, according to Delgado, quite the trial by fire in entrepreneurship.

“Starting up has taken about four times as long as we initially projected, with a lot of twists and turns along the way,” says Delgado. “It's frustrating sometimes because we're so eager to get out there … but it's been really important to just push through those hard times because we've come out stronger every time. We learn from each of those experiences and that's been one of the greatest things about this whole process.”

The duo already have some regular locations mapped out, among them Cummins Station, Climb Nashville and Brett Manning Studios, and plan to operate from noon to 4:30 p.m. In addition to regular locations and hours, Moovers and Shakers will also be available for special events. And once the owners get their shakes actually on the moove, they'll set to work fulfilling their motto: “Serving the Nashville community since 2011.”

If you would like to have Moovers and Shakers visit your location, message them via Twitter or Facebook, or email hayden [at] mooversandshakersnashville [dot] com or ale [at] mooversandshakersnashville [dot] com.

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