Smoker or Pit? Either Way I'm Lighting Things on Fire



OK, so I don't really live on a mountain — it's a hill, and not a very steep one at that — but now that I've moved, I have a yard and counter space and all that other adult-type stuff. So I'm ready to invest in some new and bigger cooking equipment. (And my wife said it was OK! Which is the big thing, really.) The trouble is, as always, I can't make up my damn mind what I want to get. Obviously, I want a cotton candy machine — because we all know how awesome that would be — but more realistically, I'll probably end up going with either buying a smoker or building a pit.

What do you guys think I should do? I had my heart set on going the straight smoker route, but then spent Saturday afternoon watching a pig slowly char in a pit full of flaming logs — and now I can't make up my mind. Seriously, folks, it's tearing me apart.

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