HUZZAH! It's Time for Vacation Grub!



I'm on vacation! And not just the usual permanent-vacation that is the life of a freelance journalist, but a real deal "look at me, I left the damn house!” vacation! Granted, I'm still a freelancer and I still have work to do, but at least I'm doing it in a different time zone, which counts for something. At this very moment I'm sitting in Manassas, Va. (like the Stephen Stills side project!), which is ... well, all of Northern Virginia is like an overgrown, even more poorly planned La Vergne. But hey, it's not my office!

But the real thing I wanted to talk about was vacation grub. You know, the kinda food that you either drive way out of your way for, or plan your whole trip around. Case in point: the second I'm done with this post, we're going to hit the road and head to the grandma-in-law's in South Central Pennsylvania (she's super gangster), but before we trek all the way out in the country, we're going to stop at this crazy awesome Amish farmers' market. Let's just say that the Lebanon bologna is worth a 12-hour drive from Nashville. And the Mennonites that live down the street from Grandmama make some of the most phenomenal goat cheese I've ever had. It almost makes up for the fact that we’re going to South Central Pennsylvania.

And then on Sunday, when we're heading up to Boston to visit my family, I have to resist the temptation to make a detour into Brooklyn to visit this Quebecois Jewish deli that my friend keeps talking about. (The thing is, it'll probably be just as quick to drive to Canada and back as it would be to drive into Brooklyn in the middle of the day.) And then, when we get to Boston ... well let' just say that if it comes out of the ocean and you can fry it, we will be consuming it, in excess, all week. And baked beans, lots of baked beans. It's going to be a stinky car ride back to Nashville, I'll tell ya right now.

So, Bites readers, lemme ask — what's your favorite vacation grub? Also, bonus vids after the jump!

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