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Hiro tacos from Happy Eating
  • Hiro tacos from Happy Eating
The idea of a food truck is that it goes anywhere, right? So you'd think that parking in a single customary spot would be counterintuitive, except that it makes perfect sense.

Remember a couple weeks ago when Steve Haruch told us about the new Happy Eating food truck from the folks behind the Happy Japan cool-Japanese-gifts shop in Berry Hill?

One thing I like that about Happy Eating is that I can often find it in the Happy Japan parking lot. So I know if I'm overtaken by a sudden craving for gyoza — and let's face it, it can happen to anyone at any time — I know where to go.

DD and I were shopping for a birthday gift that was peculiar, strange and inexplicable, and really, there's no culture more inexplicable than Japanese pop culture. It's pretty much all wth? Exhibit A, these motorized sushi toys.

With Happy Japan as our shopping venue, we got Happy Eating as our lunch venue. The hiro tacos — with wonton skins standing in for tortillas —were too odd a combo of sweet, chewy and vegetabley for DD, but the glazed pineapple worked. We both loved the gyoza, stuffed with finely ground meat and served with a soy ginger dipping sauce.

Chris Chamberlain and I often discuss the economics of food trucks, and we like this development of semi-reliable parking, like Saturday afternoons at Musicians Corner in Centennial Park. Mobile is good, and being mobile-plus-Twitter is great for a business that wants to be flexible and find a wide customer base. But it's also nice for customers to be able to find their craving reliably.

What truck is conveniently located for you, and what else do you wish you had more access to?


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