Sunday Splendor in the Grassland at Daily Dish



A co-worker on a 500-calorie-a-day diet recommended the Sunday brunch at the Daily Dish cafe and catering spot in the Grassland community of Williamson County, imploring me, "You have to go. It's incredible. Eat a creme brulee for me."

So we did.

It takes a lot to get me out of the house on a weekend morning — the slippers and pajamas are just too comfy. But Daily Dish is worth showering and changing.

The space at 2205 Hillsboro Road in Grassland (791-1255) is cute and smallish, and old-style furniture gives it a genteel parlor look. The buffet spread goes on and on like a hotel brunch, and everything is put together with care. Cured salmon is accompanied with all the toppings, finely chopped with care. Cool boiled shrimp has its own sauces. Naturally, there's fresh fruit, and mango-and-strawberry salad with field greens and arugula. Fried goat cheese rounds for topping the salad. A can't-stop-eating-it broccoli salad.

The hot breakfast foods feature eggs Benedict, ready to serve, and if you want omelets or eggs scrambled or fried, they're cooked to order. Biscuits, gravy, bacon and hot hash-brown casserole. A whole New York strip and a cherry-pineapple-glazed ham at the carving station with several homemade sauces. Mini pastries. Steam trays with bananas Foster bread pudding. A handsome old dresser that serves as a station for tiny cups of trifle, tarts, and those creme brulees.

I loaded up on salmon, shrimp, salads and homemade cheeses (the spiced almond cheese spread is devastatingly good), a slice of NY strip, some hash browns, a tiny trifle. Plus a bit of the bread pudding and creme brulee. (Don't judge — I made a promise!)

So beautifully cooked, so pretty to look at, and everything a pleasure to eat. In short, a heavenly Sunday brunch, $17 a head, which is miraculously less than the hotel brunches were charging 15 years ago. That little part of Grassland has been fortunate enough to have a couple of great eateries (thinking of the wonderful Jack Russell's especially) worth seeking out, or happily for the neighbors, just around the corner.

Precious little trifle--the only Daily Dish photo not accidentally erased
  • Precious little trifle—the only Daily Dish photo not accidentally erased

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