Weekly Open Thread Wants a Do-Over



With a Firehouse Subs opening near 100 Oaks, it seemed like a good idea to get a preview by visiting the Charlotte Avenue location.

I got the medium meatball sub. Very cleverly, the roll is split vertically and meatballs are tucked into the crevice, making it easier to eat, since the meatballs and sauce don't squish out the sides. It's a good deal at $5.49.

We also ordered the kids combo of turkey and provolone plus chips and drink. I like that there's not an age limit — anyone can get it, which is great if you have a small appetite. At about $5.75, it's a good price. All told we're up to $11.24.

And we ordered the large Italian, which has nearly twice as much meat and cheese as a medium. Add a $7.50 sub and we're at $18.74. Add 9.75 percent tax and we're at $20.47. Our receipt said something like $23.42, so either we are idiots or something went wrong or we accidentally added extra meat.

Anyway, mistakes happen, but the fact is none of our sandwiches was any better than average, and the Italian was doused in a sweet vinaigrette that soaked into the bread and was really a jolting flavor profile.
Such a disappointment: I could have taken that $23 and eaten something really good down the road at Lucky Bamboo or Kien Giang.

What meal lately made you want a do-over?

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