What Makes A Restaurant Family-Friendly?



Being childless myself, I usually don't have to consider whether a restaurant is child-friendly or at least child-proof. When dining with friends or family members with children, I'm usually fairly flexible about where they want to go. I totally understand the value of "Kids Eat Free" deals at Piccadilly, O'Charley's and Appleby's, but I usually don't go there unless somebody else's kids are the deciding factor.

But I've learned that pricing isn't always the deal-maker or deal-breaker. Some folks I know swear by the Pied Piper Eatery because they have a little play area for kids that isn't as involved as the ball pit at a McDonald's. Restaurants that allow the kids to take part in the assemblage of their meal like Sweet CeCe's or Pfunky Griddle are always entertaining for children but can rack up quite a bill for their parents with all the available add-ins. Use caution.

Another good friend of mine swears by Amerigo on West End. His child is a big fan of beige food and demands that the mac-and-cheese and chicken tenders live up to her lofty standards. To her, Amerigo's tenders are the bomb, plus she can draw on the butcher paper with crayons. Her dad could enjoy a really nice affordable glass of wine (although he doesn't) along with an excellent Italian dinner, and they both leave happy every time.

Sounds like a winner to me. How about you, Bites readers? What are your kid-friendly criteria? What are your favorites?

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