Cicadas on the Menu Tonight at Fido — Sort Of


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Want to watch someone prepare cicadas in a stir-fry and chow down? See the video above. Want to learn more about the seasonal visitors without picking wings and legs out of your teeth? Visit the free Science Cafe 7 p.m. tonight at Fido in Hillsboro Village, sponsored by Adventure Science Center. Let Belmont biologist/entomologist Dr. Steve Murphree initiate you into the ways of the omnipresent arthropods, from their 13-year journey above ground to their six- to eight-week stay.

The Science Cafe is not a lecture: it's designed more as an informal gathering that allows for give and take between scientists and laymen. For more information, see the Adventure Science Center site. And if you shriek and run at the sight of the whirring dervishes, don't go here. Or — ulp! — here.


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