Porter Road Butcher Opening This Summer



Momentum continues in food and dining on the city's east side. The latest object of envy is Porter Road Butcher, a homegrown effort making preparations to open in early summer.

Partners Chris Carter and James Peisker are planning a full-service butcher shop in 1,800-plus square feet at 1117 Porter Road, next to the building occupied by the late, lamented Zavos.

Peisker has meaty credentials. He started up a charcuterie program at Niche in St. Louis and just returned from a trip to Chicago for a stage at Butcher & Larder.
Carter and Peisker aim to be a neighborhood store, offering prepared foods and groceries such as fresh produce from Delvin Farms, as well as meats.

They plan to utilize the whole animal, offering prime and specialty cuts — and recipes, if customers want them— then using other parts of the animal for glorious takeout like pot pie in a flaky crust made from rendered fat.

Peisker and Carter are committed to local sourcing and are currently lining up suppliers. "We'll always shop local first," says Carter, who obliged Bites with an interview on his way to a wedding. If a local supplier can't be found, they will go regional: Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi. Failing that, they'll offer a nationally sourced organic product.

Beef, chicken and pork will obviously be the staples, augmented by seasonal meats like turkey and lamb.

Mike Taglio of Murfreesboro's Tag'z 5 Star Meats has been their mentor as they develop their plan. "Mike says the best way to walk through a minefield is to follow someone, Carter says. "He says, 'Ask me, because I've made all the mistakes.' "

The closing of Robert Regg left Nashville without an independent butcher, so the opening is much anticipated. To see how excited people are, and view photos from Peisker's stage at Butcher & Larder, check the Porter Road Butcher page on Facebook. To learn more about Peisker and Carter and their catering service, go to localcateringnashville.com

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