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Beautifully presented food at Los Rosales, summer 2009
  • Beautifully presented food at Los Rosales, summer 2009

I eat a lot of meals that don't get written up here, for various reasons, usually because there's not a "peg" to hang the post on — the restaurant isn't new, there wasn't a new dish or other innovation to write about.

After a terrific couple of meals at Los Rosales, I got back there as often as I could. It was a long drive, and then Friend of Bites and frequent commenter Lesley stopped working nearby, so there was less reason to go.

A late summer 2009 dinner at Los Rosales was superb: fresh ingredients, innovative combinations and pretty plating. But I didn't write it up because I couldn't do so without mentioning the empty dining room. It was apparent that the beautiful rehab of the dining room and the investment in a true chef hadn't helped.

It closed about a month later, and I still miss the unique food. The comment thread on a recent post featured loved and lost restaurants, including Los Rosales. I found this picture buried deep in the camera, and brought it out.

After the closing of Acorn, let's hope the last of the recession shutterings is behind us. What places do you still miss?

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