World Wide Update at the Open Thread



Google Reader, you annoy me. I thought I hated you until I finally rearranged the feeds, because your algorithm puts all the computer stuff I really don't care about (SEO optimization! Second Life!) first and the important stuff after that, like Jon Bon Jovi's restaurant.

Now I learn that Soul Kitchen in Red Bank N..J. will serve low-cost and no-cost meals in exchange for a little volunteer work from diners.

That'll be good, especially if the budget being batted around in Congress is passed: it would cut as much as 127 billion of the supplemental nutrition assistance program (formerly called food stamps) over 10 years.

Meanwhile, Flavor Flav has ditched his chicken restaurant. Prices are going up at McDonald's. Chipotle is running low on naturally raised chickens.

Taco Bell would like an apology from the people who claimed its beef was only 35 percent beef. It's actually 88 percent beef.

The Obama administration is proposing limits on the amount of food marketing aimed at children.

And finally, there's some kind of wedding reception going on in London.

I spend most of my time focused on what's going on here in town, but there's a world of food news that's inspiring, disgusting, annoying or just newsy.

What have you heard this week?

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