Kayne Prime Part III: Tweaked Menu With Slightly Lower Prices



I'm not going to attribute it to squeaky wheels here on Bites, but the Kayne Prime folks sent over a new menu with this note: "After a fantastic opening weekend, we have made some minor changes to Kayne Prime's menu, and added one selection."

I find the new menu item — a starter of rock shrimp and okra, served "Sicilian Lifeguard style" with lemony garlic mayonette for $12 — to be quite alluring. (I'd rather have okra instead of grits with my shrimp, any ol' day.) But what's especially interesting is that the prices have been nudged downward almost across the board.

Perhaps the most notable price dip involves that 16-ounce USDA Prime bone-in tenderloin that was a bone of contention for some Bites readers. It had been $58; now it's $49. Also, the line-caught salmon with Roman trading spices and cucumber-mint raita: Formerly $27, it's now $21.

And almost everything else has gotten cheaper by at least $1.

It's actually easier to list a few things that didn't change: The Crudo Completo (two of each of the crudo offerings is still $29), the local steaks (the 8-ounce filet and 16-ounce ribeye from Persimmon Creek Farms in Montgomery County are still $29 and $32, respectively), and the Kayne Prime Burger with Ray's bacon, caramelized onions and gruyere (still $18).

Personally, I'm glad I'm not in the biz and don't have to calculate menu pricing, with all those variables like food costs, overhead, points of entry and marketing. As a diner, I sure prefer lower prices.

Up next, we hear, is a finalized bar menu to be rolled out as early as Monday.

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