Wine Wednesday: Yet Another Cool Thing We Can't Get Here in the Backwaters



I'm totally fine with wine in a box. In fact, we drink so much Picpoul de Pinet, Hugues Beaulieu "La Petite Frog" in my household that we have considered replacing the Crystal Springs bottled water system with a tank of vino. We're only barely kidding about that. ...

Now apparently there is a company out of California that is marketing a home wine bar called "the20" which is designed to create exactly that sort of experience. The name comes from radio communication 10 codes, where 10-20 means "location." The company behind the20 sources wines from some of the best grape-growing locations around California. By buying in bulk without the marketing and packaging expenses of major wineries, they are able to offer consumers great pricing on some real boutique wines.

After purchasing a home cask made from the same sort of red oak that wine casks are made of, owners of the20 system receive periodic shipments of 3 liters of red wine from small artisan winemakers on the West Coast. Each shipment costs about $65-$100, which figures out to a $15-$25 per bottle deal. Thanks to the oak and the gravity dispenser system, your wine should remain eminently drinkable for up to a month after you fill the cask. As if it takes a month to drink four bottles. ...

Some of the wineries that the20 sources from include Acorn, Kent Rasmussen, Mercy Vineyards and Woodenhead. They also offer a money-back or replacement guarantee if you don't happen to like the winery that they have chosen for a shipment.

Sure it's a glorified wine in a box, but the cool factor and the availability of cult boutique wines make the20 a very interesting option. But unfortunately, not for us Tennesseans yet. The website says: "Due to archaic state-level liquor laws, we are only able to ship to residents of CA, DC, NM and OR at the present time. However, we are working hard to fix this quickly, so go to our homepage and leave your email address and state and we’ll contact you as soon as the20 is available in your state."

Or you can just keep reading Bites, and I'll let you know when the tap is open.

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