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Tennessee encourages food tourism as much as Alabama does, so the state tourism website — which is really good — has a whole food travel section with lots of different points of access.

The "Food Festivals" tab is a really comprehensive listing of all the poke sallet, Greek heritage, Irish heritage, ramps, barbecue, strawberries, blackberries, Moon Pies and other celebrations across the state. (An August trip to McMinnville for the barbecue festival would be a fun day out, and A Toast to Tennessee Wine festival in May is looking pretty good. ...)

"Made in Tennessee" lists foods and local specialties like blackberry jam and country ham. It'd be great to have a lit like this everywhere I go.

There's a food finder where you can select city, meal, cuisine, or just go straight to tabs for "Diners & Dives, and "Upscale & Urban" and, course, barbecue. It's kind of a kick to read through the list and see how many places I've tried.

Most of the fine restaurants you'd expect to appear are, in fact, there. Northshore Brasserie in Knoxville, Sekisui in Memphis, 212 Market in Chattanooga, though IvyWild in Sewanee needs to go on the list, and Zola needs to come off the list.

The "Diners and Dives" section includes Cozy Corner in Memphis, Brown's Diner, Carl's Perfect Pig in White Bluff and Sticky Fingers in Chattanooga.

Here was a puzzle: Our own wonderful South Street in Nashville made both Diners and Dives, and the Upscale and Urbane. Discuss.

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