Local Food Quietly Takes Over the Pantry



Cherry Pie from Papa Cs Chad Collier
  • Cherry Pie from Papa C's Chad Collier
As I settled in to breakfast of cherry pie and latte, it occurred to me that everything on the menu was local: Papa C's cherry pie, Noble Springs goat milk and Bongo Java coffee beans.

The local food revolution happened so gradually. When I wrote my first story for Baking Buyer magazine around 1999, profiling small local bakers producing for the nascent coffeehouse culture, a pantry full of locally produced food was just a faint but unattainable wish.

Somewhere along the line, there were enough local producers to band together for efficient distribution. And presto: a fridge full of local food.

My question for keen economic observers is, what, and approximately when, was the tipping point?

Latte made with Noble Springs goat milk
  • Latte made with Noble Springs goat milk

Red Velvet cupcake from Fiddlecakes
  • Red Velvet cupcake from Fiddlecakes

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