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The high-profile space off West End that used to house chef Deb Paquette's Zola has been vacant for more than a year, but my Nashville Post colleague J.R. Lind reports in his Permit Patrol that it's going to be the first Nashville outpost of Taziki's, a Mediterranean chain out of Birmingham, Ala.

The chain isn't big, with less than a dozen locations, but it's getting ready to stake out Nashville and Chattanooga. A scan of the menu turns up a big assortment of Greek salads topped with various grilled meats (chicken, lamb, shrimp, tilapia), and there are gyros, familiar apps like hummus and grape leaves along with daily specials. It looks like some locations offer family dinners for takeout, including whole roasted chickens with a couple of sides.

Nashville is fairly well-supplied with locally owned spots for healthy Mediterranean fare, but not along the West End corridor. Probably due to premium rents, West End is a chain-heavy thoroughfare, with places like Which Wich and Chipotle not far from Taziki's future home.

There's a sizable Birmingham contingent in Nashville. My cubicle neighbor Elizabeth Jones says her in-laws think Taziki is tops. Anybody else have a take on Taziki?

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