Embrace Your Inner Cowboy at Tap Root Farm's Ranch Rodeo



Tap Root Farm is a 300-acre cattle cattle ranch northeast of Franklin. I first discovered them through their quarter-, half- or full-head freezer beef program, which allows interested consumers to purchase all-natural beef from the farm to their table.

Since a side of beef can weigh 500-600 pounds and keep a family of four in ground beef, stew meat and steaks for a year, I wasn't really a candidate in our household of two. (Although our poodles can flat put away some table scraps on steak night.)

If you're intrigued, visit their website for more information and to put your name on the waiting list for their freezer beef program. Luckily, I stayed on the email list, so I found out about the Ranch Rodeo that they're holding at noon this Saturday, April 9, at the farm.

They hope to hold these events on the second Saturday of each month, from April to September or October depending on weather.

Up to 20 teams will be made up of four cowboys/cowgirls/youth for the rodeo, and they will have four major competitive events: wild cow milking, sorting, branding and trailer loading.

A concession stand will be available to buy food including their home-grown Tap Root Beef Burgers. The public is invited to participate in various activities such as sack races, wheelbarrow races, horseback riding, apple bobbing, mechanical bull rides, greased pig chase, calf chase, stick pony barrel races and more.

The gate charge is $5 per person for two and up. Entrance fee for competitors is $50/competitor or $200/team.

Ranch rodeo rules and guidelines apply with the use of paid judges. Prize money will be paid in each event three places deep, with a 60 percent payback.

Families are invited to come and enjoy "a true representation of Cowboys, Cowgirls, and Youth working cattle and doing ranch work on a real farm."

For more information or to sign up to compete, visit their website at taprootfarm.com or call 594-3210 and talk to Susan Ingraham, "Director of Fun."

Tap Root Farm
4099 Clovercroft Road
Franklin, TN 37067
Three miles from I-65 and Cool Springs Boulevard.

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