'Moovers' on the Move: Milkshake Truck Looking for Moolah



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The idea, the opportunity, the partnership — all the elements aligned quickly for Belmont sophomore music business majors Hayden Coleman and Ale Delgado and their big idea of a mobile milkshake truck.

Now they just need to get the funding in that same line, and a new city food truck will roar to life.

Delgado and Coleman's idea of bringing milkshakes to the sweaty masses of Music City was dreamed up and became a business plan in just a couple of weeks. The plan was good enough to take second place and $2,000 in a campuswide entrepreneurship contest.

Now they've begun a Kickstarter campaign to raise $5,000 for buying a truck outfitted with freezers. The menu will be simple at first with just a couple of classic milkshakes (chocolate and vanilla) and floats (Coke and root beer). Their goal is to be ready to go on Dead Day (May 4) a campus celebration before exams begin.

Get more info on Moovers and Shakers at their Facebook page (they'd love it if you "like" them there) or go to the Kickstarter page to see their pitch and pledge a little moolah.

There are goodies for pledgers, ranging from a grateful high five to the opportunity to get a milkshake named after you or have the truck show up at your next party. As of this writing, the two have raised $1,025, and the deadline is April 24. (If they don't reach $5,000 by that date, all the pledges evaporate.)

Delgado is an intern at the prominent indie label Infinity Cat, which has been promoting the project on its blog (where we lifted this funny image).

Dairy best of luck to Moovers and Shakers — update us with the progress, OK?

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