Bagel Face Bagels Moving, Soon to Offer Sandwiches and Seating



East Nashville's Bagel Face Bakery, whose chewy, impressively flavorful bagels have filled a doughy hole in the lives of many Northern transplants, is about to offer one thing patrons have clamored for (besides bialys): seating. Co-owner Kristen Skruber says the popular bagel bakery is just beginning the build-out at its new location in the old Bethlehem Christian Bookstore at 7th and Main.

Skruber says this will allow Bagel Face to offer attractions such as toasted bagels and sandwiches that could not be made at its current home in Riverside Village. No opening has been set for the new location at 700 Main St., but Skruber says Bagel Face is shooting for mid-May.

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