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May contain traces of what?
  • May contain traces of what?

Much as we love to dine out, this week's run-it-up-a-flagpole topic is shopping.

I shopped this week for my second duck of the year to fulfill my New Year's to-do list. I bought it at the Wal-Mart in Springfield, Tenn., where most people seem to shoot their own ducks.

Asparagus in the store is looking better, now that summer, er, spring has arrived. In Dothan, Alabama last week we bought early local strawberries. They were a little underripe, but by now, they should be ready for picking and shipping.

You never know what will turn up this time of year at the Saturday West Nashville Farmer's Market—lettuces and Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese, and always some other surprises.

It's time for a new skillet — the Emerilware is giving out after three years of hard use. It works well with liquids and fats and has a superb stay-cool handle, which I learned the hard way, but lost its nonstick-tivity. The size is good — bigger than my Lodge cast iron 10-inch but smaller and lighter than the Lodge 12-inch. What's your skillet and should we all buy it?

What's new in your pantry this week, and what are you looking forward to buying/trying/testing? What's your current must-have? What is eluding you? Ask Bites nation, because the answer is out there somewhere.

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