Yazoo to Brew Gerst Beer: Local Fave Brings Another Fave Back Home



In my life, I've drunk a lot of fishbowls of Gerst. In fact, there is an incident in my past involving an evening of Gerst consumption and a basket of Sportsman's Grille onion spiders that got me kicked out of my own house for a weekend until my digestive tract settled down. But for some reason, after the production of Gerst beer moved from Evansville, Ind., to the Iron City of Pittsburgh in the late '90s, I kind of lost my taste for the amber.

So it is a delight to be able to share the news that Gerst is coming home to Nashville, where it was originally brewed from 1893 until 1954. With the recent expansion of the Yazoo Brewery, an opportunity arose for the renewal of a local institution.

Jim and Jerry Chandler have been the keepers of the Gerst brand since they bought the Gerst Haus back in 1988. Originally from Indiana, they were the ones who reintroduced Gerst back to the market with their brew from Evansville Brewing and subsequently from Pittsburgh Brewing. Once the Chandlers met Linus Hall and the Yazoo team, they knew that they should make an effort to bring production back to Nashville.

After testing and tweaking the recipe through several trials, the Chandlers are now convinced that Yazoo has created a true replica of the original amber and are ready to ramp up production. In honor of this auspicious development, they are inviting all of Nashville to join them in a celebration of the return of Gerst Amber.

The event will be at the Gerst Haus Restaurant, 301 Woodland St., on Friday, March 25, from 6 to 9 p.m. Mayor Karl Dean will be on hand to offer a toast to the long history of brewing in Nashville. It definitely won't be the first time that a Nashville politician raises a fishbowl of Gerst in that hallowed establishment. Hopefully, this will ensure that it will keep happening for a long time in the future.

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