Flaws in Your Favorite Bar? Never



You know how sometimes you Google yourself, just to see how you're lookin' online? Well, I Googled and Binged my local pub on Yelp to see how people like it.

Google yielded some really mixed views of the place. I got all prickly that a lot of people seem to just drop in from goodness-knows-where and pass judgment on the fact that it's not very crowded, and the overheard conversationalists were drunk douches and Barbie wannabees and the food wasn't all that.

As if just anyone can drop in on your favorite bar, just like it was a public place or something. Well you can't! You have to understand that it was a disgusting dump and got an overhaul and the cook is a REAL CHEF and the food is good, even great sometimes, and it's where my friends and I go to play cards and I've had some really fun times there.

Okay, maybe the fried stuff isn't always crunchy. Once in a while the day's special isn't too special. And there are occasionally some really douchey and annoying people there. And it's true there's never anything but sports on the televisions. But the happy hour is good and I've had some great meals there.

What about you? What flaws are you willing to overlook in the convenient, friendly place you haunt?

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