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Speaking of brilliant culinary maneuvers, have you been to LB's Market House Deli yet? Cuz The Twitter is all lit up with good words for it. What should newbs try from the menu?

Hope it's a brilliant culinary maneuver for Rodizio, the Brazilian steakhouse to come to Hillsboro Village. As a student of ethno-butchery and a plantain and yuca enthusiast, I'm pretty stoked.

Vote for a brilliant culinarist this week by casting your ballot for Tandy Wilson of City House for best new chef in Food & Wine's people's choice award. He's dangerously behind a guy from Charlotte and a guy from Atlanta. Voting continues until Tuesday, March 1.

And is it a brilliant culinary maneuver to put a Chik-fil-A in Belle Meade? Have you sharpened your pitchfork yet in the class war brewing between Chik-fil-A's army of working-class and Christian devotees and heedless rich neighbors who want to keep fast-food loving citizens out? (Editor's note to the more literal-minded Bites readers: Imagine a winking facetiousness emoticon here.)

This is the Open Thread, where great ideas take wing, and civil debates put it all on the table.

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