Now It Can Be Told: The $7 Smoked Rib Sandwich at Munchy's



Smoked rib sandwich from Menchys on Jefferson Street
  • Smoked rib roast sandwich from Munchy's on Jefferson Street
Feeling a little guilty about telling people about the $7 prime rib sandwich without revealing the whereabouts. It was pretty terrific, definitely worth sharing, except that I didn't want to send people to a place where they could wait up to 40 minutes for their meal.

So I tried it again last week. This time, I called in the order and picked it up. And I went alone, so the cook was only dealing with one order. Bingo! Ready in 10 minutes.

Big slice of smoky rib on a bun with tomato, pickles and onion slices. The toppings are pedestrian but there's no denying the goodness of smoked rib roast.

If you want some, getcha some, it's at Munchy's on Jefferson at D.B. Todd ( Call first, 329-3007, and if you're in a hurry, keep the group smallish.

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