Peculiar Plate Partners at Turnip Truck



Mr. Seaweed Salad, please meet Ms. Panna Cotta
  • Mr. Seaweed Salad, please meet Ms. Panna Cotta
The hot bar at The Turnip Truck in The Gulch is a wallet-lightener for me because of Laura Wilson's unusually imaginative offerings. For example, each day there are at least three soups, and the choices are always tempting. Sometimes I get two small cups of soup because I can't decide.

Then there's Chef Laura's fantastic array hot meats, home-style vegetables, meatless offerings and pasta — a little European-influenced something here, a little something for the macrobiotic eater there. Honestly, it's a patchwork quilt of every kind of food you could want plus a salad bar if all else fails.

I contemplate my choices carefully, because in general, I want to buy things that I don't, won't or can't make at home. So I look at a lot of wonderful-looking food with a running checklist in my mind: We had meatloaf two nights ago; I'm weary of collard greens; we're having baked pasta on Thursday; I can make baked chicken anytime.

That process is how I happened to end up with this ripsnortin' plate. That's right: seaweed salad and Italian-style panna cotta custard with balsamic glaze.

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