Weekly Open Thread Got a Shot of Creativity



Does the Weekly Open Thread look more creative, perhaps? With better ideas and a fresh approach?

Last weekend I did a little professional development at FoodBlogSouth in Birmingham. Great ideas and inspiring people were everywhere. From the opening pre-party at Jim 'N Nick's to the last visit to Camp Taco, I learned, tasted and, well, ate better and therefore more than usual.

One conference highlight was recipe development with the lively and engaging Virginia Willis, author of Bon Appetit Y'all!, whose food reminds me a lot of our own Martha Stamps'. Enjoy and get some ideas from this demonstration of Willis cooking ribs and sweet potatoes with Coca-Cola products, while I tell you a secret:

(I went to Birmingham, with all its good restaurants, and I ate at Hot and Hot Fish Club twice. Don't judge me!)

Did your week include a secret? An encounter with the exceptional? Or its opposite? Crack open a Co-Cola and flap your jaw here.

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