Christmas Food — What Did Obama (And You) Eat?



White House cookies shaped like the Obamas' dog, Bo.
  • White House cookies shaped like the Obamas' dog, Bo.
We have learned through official channels that the president's Christmas dinner (in beautiful Hawaii) consisted of steak, roasted potatoes, green beans and pie. No word on what kind of pie.

We have also learned — via White House spokesman Robert Gibbs on Twitter — that Obama hasn't had a cigarette in about nine months. I guess there weren't any Marlboros stuffed in the president's Christmas stocking.

With all the culinary resources of the free world at his disposal, what kind of pie do you think the president ate? Was it the monumental Cherpumple, which consists of three layers, each layer a different cake with a different pie baked inside it? If so, was it the original box recipe or the insane made-from-scratch version? Or was it the more modest Pumple?

If you want to check out the Obamas' holiday guide, download the PDF here. It includes recipes like gingerbread ornaments and apple cake with maple glaze.

Also on Christmas, the president visited U.S. Marines at their mess hall in Hawaii. Apparently, some Marines abandoned their holiday dinners to converge on the president, and had to be ordered to eat their food before it got cold, with the assurance that the visitor would stop by each table.

I was at my in-laws house in Connecticut over the weekend, longing for Nashville but enjoying hot turkey sandwiches as often as possible. Somehow, I never got any pie. But I did have tiramisu, cheesecake, chocolate truffles, brownies and orange creme brulee at an overachieving restaurant on Christmas Eve.

Did you have any special treats this weekend? Given the vicissitudes of holiday cooking, did any of your figgy puddings fall flat? And did anyone visit the restaurants that were open on Christmas?

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