I'm Sick of Cooking — What's for Dinner?



If I could see into all of your kitchens this week, I bet I'd see the some of you caught in the same frenzy of cooking and baking that's going on in mine.

And yet, despite the flour-filled atmosphere, the roasting meats, the tubs of dip, the molded salmon spread — despite the crowded fridge and cabinet, there's nothing for dinner. What what? You know it's true, so confess — you cook for two hours and then eat a can of ravioli for dinner.

That's the back story for our call to Jet's Pizza for its special deal of a small thin-crust cheese pizza and a large thin-crust Italian sausage and olive pizza for about $18. I've blogged before about Jet's — it's hands-down my favorite chain pizza, and not so far from the true greats, like Mafiaoza's and Porta Via. That's high praise from me — I don't naturally love pizza.

But when the pizza boxes were opened, the large turned out to be someone else's deep dish pepperoni. Day of sadness! Where will the tragedy end? The store felt badly about the mix-up, so the proper pizza was baked and shipped via delivery. The store probably also had to do the same for the family that got a thin-crust Italian sausage and olive pizza instead of the thick-crust pepperoni that was currently on our counter. That, plus the special deal, probably erased any profit they made from the two transactions.

After dinner, we had a lot of rearranging to do to fit all that leftover pizza into the fridge. It provided enough leftovers that I was able to spend the next two nights baking and fixing party food without having to stop and cook dinner. Happy ending after all!

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