That Looks Great! Open Thread Wants a Bite of What You're Making



Like Bites-bro Sean Maloney, I call on the expertise of Bites readers for a holiday dilemma. I have these very decorative holiday paper pans from Sur La Table. Two years ago, I made some kind of holiday bread in them and gave it as gifts to friends and neighbors.

  • From Sur La Table website

There are still a lot of them, tossing around in the cabinet, which isn't improving their condition. They are crying out to be given away, filled with something wonderful. I need a recipe for a great holiday bread or loaf cake — and no candied fruit, please — to fill the pans with something the neighbors will love getting and eating. Freezeability is a plus, in case said neighbors are loaded down with goodies and need to put some on ice.

I'm reading your blogs and Twitter feeds, so I know there's some righteous baking going on right now. Send your ideas for greatest holiday loaf/cake, from jam cake to Swedish cardamom bread.

And check in with Bites over the next few days to report on what's putting the "thanks" in your Thanksgiving, at home or out, in town or away.

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